Imagine If You Could...

Confidently Navigate Your Way Through Life

Trusting Your Own Instincts

And Being Your Biggest Ally

You’ve always been pretty clued up. Sensitive and wise, you’re often the ‘go to’ person for guidance.

According to the outside world you’re doing pretty well. But why doesn’t it feel like that on the inside? 

How come you’re so smart but you don’t know which way is up?

You feel overwhelmed and unsupported. You ‘cope’ and you’ve always survived but that just doesn’t do it for you anymore.


You know something needs to change. If only you knew how..

That’s where I come in!

I’m Sabine Jackson and I work with  you to shift patterns of thought and behaviour so that you experience genuine change.  I'll teach you how to go from beating yourself up to building yourself up and creating a life in which you thrive. 


‘You’ve changed my life’


I’ve heard clients say this time and time again.

From Being Governed By Fear To A Complete Shift...

"There was a time in my life when I was completely governed by fear. Fear of loss, of failure, of not fitting in. Since working with Sabine I have had a complete shift away from letting fear drive me.

I have been empowered to leave unfulfilling jobs and start following my dream of being an author and most importantly believing I am worthy of happiness and all good things.

Although she would say I've changed my own life- I could NOT have done it without Sabine. She has been (and still is) my very valued life coach and I cannot recommend her services highly enough." 

Angela Costigan. 

From A Stressed Out Need Of Perfection To Understanding The Real Power I Have...

"When I started working with Sabine I was very controlling of my external environment with a need for things to be perfect. I was in a constant state of stress and ignoring my emotions to keep up a facade. 

Sabine helped me to honour and release my emotions, rather than suppress them, and I now have a new understanding of how my inner world creates my experience of my outer world.

Sabine offers a safe space to open up, create clarity and deep emotional healing". 

Sarah Whiting.

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I could never have helped change even one life if I hadn’t
first changed my own.

From a very early age, growing up in an environment of addiction and domestic violence, I was forced to step up and take responsibility. Because of this, I developed some very unhealthy coping mechanisms and I learned to push away my feelings and fears. 

I knew these ways of coping weren't great. It certainly didn’t feel great to be me. However they were better at the time than falling apart.

    I was good at coping. But at what expense?

On the outside I appeared to be functioning really well. But on the inside? I was brutal to myself and all those unresolved emotions came screaming back at me in the form of an eating disorder, anxiety and depression.

Many years in a nursing career taught me to hold the space for others, which the natural care taker in me loved, but once again the environment encouraged me to ignore my own pain.

By now my body started to reflect my lack of support and my unexpressed emotions in the form of chronic digestive problems and a ‘dodgy nurses’ back.

So how did I get from there to here?

What was my saving grace?

Throughout all of my life I was deeply guided by a knowing. A trust that something bigger was at work.

It didn’t necessarily help me feel better in the earlier years, I still felt a  victim to other’s actions and to circumstance, but it did drive a spiritual seeking for relief and the beginnings of many years of studying spiritual texts and teachers.

The first steps toward freedom was when I began studying psychology. This was a turning point in recognising that the power to change lies in the mind and I finally learnt some tools to apply for relief.

But something was still missing.

The final piece of the puzzle came with studying A Course In Miracles and learning how to feel connected to the bigger picture, to all there is. It helped me make sense of the mind and why it can be such a harsh place. I came to understand that our perception is a choice. And I began a process of mastering my real power. The power available to us all....


The choice between FEAR and LOVE.

Now I was no longer just the girl with the great advice, the insight and the compassion that everyone was drawn to.


I was now the girl who was walking her talk and making the inside as good as I had always wanted life to be on the outside.

I was becoming someone I could rely on to be there for me. I stopped running out on myself when the going got tough.

And now that I've transformed my mind to being my ally it’s time to help you do the same.

Let’s work together to create a mindset that has you seeing yourself as powerful,

clear and free.


Nothing can change until you do.

Allow things to be different.

Allow yourself to thrive.

Sabine Jackson Conscious Living

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