Connection Walks

Tune In, Fill Up and Get Clarity


As one client described the Connection Walk 'it is an experience in conscious expansion amongst the trees'.

Our lives are often filled with overwhelm, busy and the needs of other people. 

Between technology, a constant push to be 'doing' and a misguided definition of what success is we are spending our time disconnected from ourselves and our innate wisdom.

This leads us to lack clarity not only in the bigger issues of our lives but also in our day to day decisions that determine where we will be tomorrow and the day after and the life we are building.

If you can relate to this way of life you could be keeping yourself disconnected from the universal wisdom and support available to us all. 

 You can live a life connected and in the flow.


I know how powerful it is to connect with the wisdom that is all around us, ready and waiting to help us. It therefore feels perfect to combine a session with me with the healing powers of Mother Nature. 

"If you are looking to finally make changes in your life, if something is getting in the way, Sabine is truly the answer.

It's as though nature helps and heals and encourages and clears, whilst Sabine gently and significantly walks with you, guiding and holding your metaphoric hand, acting as the great enabler and powerful practitioner and facilitator that she is. This cannot be fully achieved in the confines of a clinic, not at this speed and depth."

                                                                         Shadyah Tony

The experience of the Connection Walk is the best of all worlds...

You bring your overwhelm, confusion, whatever issue that you are stuck on and need some guidance with. 

I will apply my knowledge and skills, connect you with nature, guide you through a number of meditations and hold the space for you. 

Nature will open up to you you will connect with the universal wisdom and together we will clear the way for deep and permanent change and the clarity and shift you are looking for.

"I got a lot out of the counselling throughout as Sabine was able to pin point my stuck belief so I could bring it into the light. I really feel that because I was moving my body while we spoke, I was able to shift the energy/emotion a lot quicker. My mind wanted to go back and analyse exactly what it was that I was letting go of and my body was saying, ''s already gone'!

                                                                      Justine Sharkie

Is it time that you experience your own Connection Walk? 

Are you ready to learn to connect with Mother Nature's wisdom and get the guidance and clarity that has been missing in the way you approach life?