Changing Your Mind Is The

Most Powerful Thing You

Can Ever Do

Sabine's sessions enable you to learn to connect with your own wisdom and guidance system to feel empowered, connected, at peace. There is no point in being impressed with what your practitioner knows or can do and to become reliant on them. The point is to be confident with your own ability and wisdom and to become more and more self sufficient by using your own guidance system.

Most Life Coaching focuses on doing. Having a 'doing' goal in mind and identifying the steps needed to achieve that goal. This type of coaching works on the premise that once you achieve a desired goal you will feel a certain way. You will then feel a sense of success, achievement, happiness and contentment. Your life will now be the way you want it to be and you will now feel the way you want to feel.                                                    


  We all know that this is not the case.

We have all achieved something in our lives that we just had to have, we knew it

would be fabulous to have it but once the excitement of the achievement had worn

off, once the novelty had worn off we felt the same as we did before hand. The new

car eventually just becomes the car, the dream job eventually just becomes a job.

That number you wanted to achieve on your scales, once you achieved it, didn't magically bring the confidence and happiness you thought it would. 

Spiritual Life Coaching looks at the bigger picture of your life. 

‚ÄčNothing outside of yourself can bring you lasting happiness, confidence or peace. By having how you feel be the actual focus and goal you can create what ever you desire. When you focus from a place of genuine confidence, trust and joy you create a life you like the look and feel of but you aren't reliant on it for your sense of worth, for your confidence, for your happiness and you don't have to be afraid of losing it and your whole sense of self along with it.

Sessions are designed to encourage you to be the most powerful influence in your own life. To be the creator of your own experience. 

Learning to master your internal environment you create mindfully and consciously the experience you wish to be having on the outside.