That critic in each one of our minds is loud.
And let’s face it it’s confusing.
I mean it’s in our own voice. 
So is it telling the truth? 
What if it’s just the least evolved part of our minds regurgitating what it’s learnt through trauma and fear? 
What if you could have relief from  the critic- the ‘not enoughness’ - and have access to the guide instead?
Inner Critic to Inner Guide  
A Journey for Women 
6 weeks. 8 women. 
Your Inner Guide is the one dreaming the story but your Inner Critic is the one making decisions
So you dream, yearn, imagine...
You are inspired by your desire to create and then...
You hand all of your power over to
your Inner Critic to make it happen. 
And that’s why the life you want to be living
and the one you are actually living
don’t match up. 
Inner Critic to Inner Guide 
Together we will - 
Tone down the critic and turn up the guide
Stop beating ourselves up and start building ourselves up
Learn the difference between fear and intuition
Live a life with an ally that supports your
choices and wants to see you succeed. 
Your inner world doesn’t have to be harsh and hard. 
You don’t have to be living at the mercy of fear and doubt and caught in never ending ‘what if’s’.
Exhausted by swirling around in details and the need for guaranteed outcomes
Leave Imposter Syndrome behind and choose your Inner Ally instead. 
Bridging You from Your Inner Critic
to Your Inner Guide 
In this intimate online program for women we will walk through - 
Week 1 - The Critic 
Recognising the Critic
Becoming conscious of its voice and messaging 
Practicing a stop gap and separating yourself from the drama
Week 2 - Creating A Space For The Guide 
Questioning the Critics authority
Using the Power of the Pause
Toning down the Critic
Getting conscious on the Inner Dialogue
Week 3 - The Guide
Getting to know the voice of the Guide
Learning the difference between fear and intuition
Recognising the choice between the Critic and the Guide
Week 4 - Allowing The Guide To Lead
Choosing love in the face of fear
Using all things as a source of inspiration
Living as the adult in the room
Early Bird price $790 single payment
(saving of $90) 
Available for the first 48 hours *
6 Weeks. 8 Women.

From September 3rd - November 17th 

4 x Video content
( PLUS 4x videos of practical tips and tools) 
5 x 1 Hour Live Group ZOOM Calls ( Recorded) 

2 x Individual One On One Online Sessions
If you are ready to shift from a critical inner voice
to a steady stream of guidance ...

If you are ready to walk through life connected to your Inner Guide - choosing love over fear...​

Then I’m excited to have you join us.


Inner Critic To Inner Guide
is a group program for women

Together we will support, encourage and rise. 

Individually you have unique experiences and beliefs that have programmed your Inner Critic -  that have formed your
Inner World. 

You will have sabotages and fears that want to hold on -thinking they are keeping you safe. 

So in your individual sessions I will support you in identifying and shifting what stands  in the way of accessing your guide.

Enabling you to get the most out of the program and creating lasting changes.


*Early Bird period ends Wednesday 18th of August at 9am AEST. After the 48 hour period full fee applies 
^This payment option is available from opening of the cart to closing.
First payment at time of booking.
Second payment is due 3 weeks later. 
It’s time to shift from Critic to Guide.

Choosing love over fear.

And living with an ally instead.