An Embodied Life.

Embody. In all honesty until very recently I had no idea what this really meant. It might seem like 'well duh' to you but it's a new concept to me that we need a 'body' to bring an idea to life. To embody that which we want to create and to be who we want to be.  I've obviously always had an interest in the body, I wouldn't have studied nursing if I didn't.  And the more you learn about it the more you come to know that this incredible thing was most definitely created by an extraordinary intelligence.  Every bit has a purpose, every cell it's own unique function and each aspect doing its part for the whole.  I am in awe of this amazing creation.  And yet I've always viewed this 'life' experience - the experience of having a body- as inferior in a sense, lower on an evolutionary ladder.  I've never felt that life on earth is a punishment or a karmic debt in any way, I don't believe in such things, but I have certainly felt trapped, weighed down, and at times even imprisoned by having a body. Many times I wanted out of this dense and often demented place with it's limitations and illusions of separation.  I always felt that once I move beyond here I can fly!!! Being physically unwell has meant that I've been doing a lot of work with my body and because you can't heal what you don't accept I've been in communication with it like never before.  And here's what I've learnt-  There is wisdom in the body - built in - it's in our DNA.  The very fibre of our physical being is completely on purpose to help us fulfill our purpose.  Rather than override our body, rule it, ignore it and/or re-program it, we are here to work in harmony and flow with it.  The body connects us to the earth and holds a deep 'knowing'. There are lessons here, there are teachings on this planet that are unique to here and they require a body to be fully played out.  Unlike what I had previously felt I now realise we need the physical experience for our souls evolution. You can learn a lot in a classroom but it's when you get into the job that's when you 'embody' the lessons and really come to 'know'. It's the same with the 'on the job' work we are doing here.  It doesn't matter what level we are working at, whether we are just learning how to create purposefully or whether we are part of the team sent to wake the planet up, no one is here unnecessarily. This goes for our individual evolution and our collective evolution.  My biggest 'aha' is that, on this planet, to live consciously we must embody consciously what we want to create with our lives. Our purpose can only be expressed in relationship 'with' our bodies. It's how we create on this physical plane what the 'weaver' (aka God, Source, Spirit, Allah, your nanna Myrtle.....) imagines and transmits into our hearts.  Our time here is on purpose- not be endured- but to be embraced, embodied and empowered.

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