Is It Time To Update Your Definition Of Success?

Is success measured by your material possessions? I say no. Hell no. 

Obviously I often work with people who are in times of great transition. They may be at the end of a marriage, the beginning of a business or in the space between having the job they don't want but not yet in the one they want to move to, if they even know which one they want to move to.

These are times of uncertainty and a lot of unknown. These are also often times that you don't face until you are in what you would well and truly consider 'adulthood.' 

Often these transition times mean a decrease in income, a loss of savings and sometimes going from living in your own home to a rental property. So often people sit across from me and say 'I thought I would have been further along by now.' Or 'I didn't think I'd find myself in this position at my age.' 

If you are feeling like this right now or if the fear of losing material 'security' is stopping you from doing what you want then your definition of success is off. 

You see when you are in these transition times I get very excited for you. You are now listening to and acting on desires, ideas and or gut feelings that may have been with you for decades. You are about to allow a whole heap of growth to occur.

You are about to expand. 

Expand in your idea of yourself, expand your knowledge, your perceptions, your interactions, your experiences.... and that is success. 

When you are frightened and you do it anyway...that is success. 

When you have a greater belief in yourself than you once did...that is success. 

When you are at peace with your choices...that is success. 

When your relationships are mutual and respectful...that is success. 

When you are excited about your day, week, month, year...that is success. 

When you go with yourself and not against yourself...that is success. 

A wise friend of mine knew this a long time before I did. Many years ago, after having caught up with a group of friends, I said to her..

"They are talking about building houses and grown up things and I'm trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up." 

And in her beautiful wisdom she said... " You are constantly working on your self awareness don't underestimate the value of that. Don't place the value of a house above the insights you have about yourself."

This advice resonated so much with me. If the choice is between building houses or working on my peace of mind, sense of self, understanding and self awareness, life experiences and connection with source I know which one I will choose everytime! I only have to honour me, I don't have to be keeping up with anyone else. 

Enjoy your material things, expand them if that is your wish but never use them as a measure of success. And never use their loss as a measure of failure. Material things come and go in our lives and at the end of this life experience they mean nothing. 

Your sense of self, your growth and expansion is everything. It stays with you always and in all ways and is the only thing you will take with you on the whole journey. Far beyond here and far beyond what you know yourself to be. 

Is it time to update your definition of success? Are you busily working on amassing a whole heap of 'success' that actually means you are going against yourself?

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