On A Scale Of Donald Trump To Jacinda Ardern- How Sensitive Are You?

I often hear clients say ‘I wish I wasn’t so sensitive.’

Is this you? Have you spent time in your life wishing you weren’t sensitive? Have you been accused of being oversensitive? This often starts in childhood when many girls get taught to not be hysterical and many boys get taught to not be ‘wimpy’. Here’s the good news…we are all sensitive! Not only is this a completely normal human state it’s actually a completely desirable state. If you are aware that you are a sensitive soul I encourage you to embrace and celebrate this from this point forward but I ask one very vital thing from you, something we all need to be more aware of. Yes we are all sensitive but we are not all conscious of our sensitivity. What happens when we are not consciously aware and guiding our reactions is that Ego takes over.  A powerful way for me to explain this is to use the example of Donald Trump and Jacinda Ardern, both highly sensitive people. You might be shocked to hear Donald Trump described as sensitive when he can appear to be so insensitive but he is THE perfect example of a walking talking Ego. Full of triggers, almost a walking raw nerve, easily pushed and instant reaction. If that isn’t sensitive then what is? And then there is Jacinda Ardern - empathetic, compassionate, kind, inclusive, loving. THE perfect example of a walking talking Right Mind. Every bit as sensitive as Donald BUT the difference here is that one is allowing his sensitivity to be unconscious and completely ruled by the part of his mind that is ready for battle, addicted to conflict and drama and constantly focused on survival of self. The other is conscious in her sensitivity and allowing love to motivate her response and behaviour. The part of her mind that is connected to her higher self, to her soul and to universal wisdom reminds her that if we don’t all thrive then none of us are really thriving. It reminds her that we are all connected. So on a sensitivity scale of completely unconscious with Ego running the show to completely aware and guided by love at all times where do you rate yourself? In all honesty we slide up and down this scale like a yo-yo. We can swing from one end to the other in a matter of minutes depending on the topic or the person involved. We can go from meditating to yelling at the TV in a fairly short period of time. Or we can be scrolling through social media and crying tears of joy while watching an emotional video to being offended about a comment we read in a matter of minutes. Both of these reactions are normal. But we don’t want to just be walking talking ‘RE-actions’. We want the freedom and the joy that comes with conscious ‘action.’ Our power lies in the stop gap between reaction and action and in the opportunity of reflection. Let’s shift from labelling other people or behaviour as sensitive and insensitive and move to recognising that all behaviour is sensitive it's just that some is conscious and some is unconscious. When someone acts in a way that triggers you your power lies in the stop gap, in the recognition that their Ego has taken over and that the last thing you want to do is allow your Ego to respond. When Ego meets Ego it’s a never ending loop of conflict and pain. When you can meet Ego (someone else’s as well as your own) with your Right Mind you are on a path to peace. Embrace your sensitivity, celebrate it! As a friend of mine recently said ‘snowflakes are so beautiful I’m happy to be called one.’

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