Pandemic Insights - From Toilet Paper To Enlightenment

As I look around me at this time I have been getting many insights, not only from the perspective of the observer but also as a human on the planet right now with my own feelings and concerns, and I wanted us to to have a space for a conversation.   Respectful, insightful, hopeful and authentic.  That's all I'm interested in right now. Actually that's all I've been interested in since I became unwell. Challenges always help put things in perspective.  So

I want to know how you are?  Are you managing to find moments of joy and peace?  I am very hopeful that we are seeing the beginning of a massive shift in consciousness. In fact I keep hearing the song 'A Whole New World' playing in my mind.  Spiritual teachers have spoken for many years about A New Earth. Are we seeing the start of that?  Lordy, I bloody hope so!!  What I would love us to do is to start a conversation with ourselves, each other and those around us about what we need to do to help bring this New Earth into existence.  Now a tonne of things that seem completely out of mine and your control are happening right now. Maybe the last thing you want is more change? Maybe you are just getting through your day and you are holding your breath waiting for everything to blow over and for the world to go back to normal.  I'm hoping that too much has happened for us ever to go back again to the way things were.  And I had a bit of an insight into the promise of change, the shift to 'awake' while hearing someone talk about the hoarding of toilet paper.  The other night I was watching The Last Leg with Adam Hills, one of my favourite shows.  They were talking about toilet paper, of course they were, everyone is.  And they were talking about how mad it is to buy so much of it and to hoard it, meaning that others don't have any.  A lady called Lorraine told the story of how she was in the supermarket and she actually went up to someone, who had a trolley with about 4 family size packs of toilet paper, and she said 'do you need all of that toilet paper? How many people live in your house? Put back all of the extra and only take what you need and leave some for everyone!'  The lady was so shocked she actually just turned and proceeded to do just that, she put back what she didn't need.  While hearing this story something happened to me.  At first I just laughed along with everyone else. But then something jumped out at me that made me feel so much hope.  Now if we can all transfer that insight from toilet paper to all the other things that people have far more of than they need we can live in a whole new way! In the way that a conscious and loving society would live. It's so easy to see the madness of having more toilet paper than you need and so many people who live fairly abundant lives were affected and, let's face it, they got fucked off. After it stopped being funny, it became annoying, really annoying.  Why would you take more than you need??  What a good question. What a conscious, 'woke' way to look at society.  So let's take our insight about toilet paper, and our feelings about some people hoarding it and others having none and expand it out to other things, far more serious things, things that can't be as easily replaced as a piece of paper that you wipe our butt with..... Food.  Clothes.  Homes. Money.  Resources.  Land. How much does one person need while others go without?  How many houses sit empty, having been bought as tax breaks, whilst whole families live in cars because they can't afford rent?  How much food needs to go to waste while people go without?  How much money, how many millions, even billions does one person need before they feel called to use their ability to make money not to make more for themselves but to help the greater good.  Imagine if we went to the super wealthy and said to them... 'How many people live in your house? How many people do you need to support? If you have way more money than you could ever spend then put it back!'  How many 'things' do you need? Maybe this whole thing sounds too socialist to you.  Just sit with it.  Let this thought exist in your mind without Ego hijacking what happens to it.  And when you can find a million excuses about why you need what you have, or about why you can't just lump all of this into the same basket - Ego loves a good clause and subclause as to why things are different and different rules apply -then I want you to say to yourself -  Just like the hoarding of toilet paper makes no sense, the hoarding of anything at the expense of others makes no sense and is no way for us to move forward. Let's use this time to change our mind, broaden our perspective and build the community we are all proud to be a part of.  Let's continue to look at ourselves and ask - 'How can I help to re-imagine the world?' 

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