Reclaiming Christmas and Throwing Away 'Consumerismas'.

Christmas... a time when people are so busy buying the have no money left to give.

No matter what your religion, no matter why you celebrate or don't celebrate Christmas, the dominant theme of this time of year is giving. But who are you giving to?

Over the last few years I've had some profound and highly confronting insights about myself.

One year after walking past a homeless lady and her dog I woke the next morning to tears streaming down my face as I had the realisation that I don't do anything for people. Of course I donate, of course I'm empathetic and ohh and ahh in the right places and at the right time but I don't actually DO anything that puts me out, like for example, give my time or give of myself in some way.

Another year I had a little melt down in the middle of the shopping centre I was in along with what felt like about 20,000 or so other people. All that noise and lights and the madness and we were all pissed! Some more than others but let's be real none of us wanted to be there, none of us were feeling the Christmas cheer.

As I started to get more and more anxious I suddenly realised why I was feeling this way. It was a reaction to year after year of running amongst such madness buying gifts for people who don't need anything. We spend hours, days, weeks thinking of what to buy for everyone while they do the same for us. We buy because we have been programmed to.

As a culture, as a society, we have been programmed to show love to family and friends by buying things for each other that we don't need and by consuming a weeks worth of food in one day. We have been taught that this in not only how we show each love but also how we help our boosting the economy.

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, And spend big!!!

Don't have any money? Put it in your credit card! Surely you love your family enough to go into debt for them? The banks certainly hope you do.

And while this madness goes on those in our society, those on our planet, who are in desperate need, dire need, go without because we have no money left at this time of the year...the 'giving' time of year.

While we spend billions on Christmas gifts and excess food we can't give to a child who barely has a roof over his head, if one at all, because we are a bit 'strapped' at this time of year.

This insanity stops with me now!

I'm all for Christmas and I'm all for gifts. But from now on I'm deprogramming myself, I'm taking back my sanity and I'm making Christmas about children and those in need.

If you don't fall into either of these categories please do not expect a gift from me and please do not buy me one. If you would like to give, if you can't cope in a world where you don't buy me a gift then I will tell you my favourite charities and gift away! Give and spend to your hearts and my hearts content.

So I'm reclaiming Christmas and I'm throwing away 'Consumerismas'.

I will be giving of my time, my focus, my heart and my love. Not only for my family and friends but to everyone. However I will only be opening my wallet to those in need.

Merry Christmas.

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