What Clients Are Saying About Creating New Outcomes

Reflecting in the Meadow

“Every session pinpointed one or two significant take home lessons...


I had been making some really big life changes and along with all the good there was a lot of confusion, feelings of overwhelm and not being on the right path.


By working with Sabine through the Creating New Outcomes program I learnt to feel and show my emotions and be OK with them. I have never let my tears be a positive up until now. After suppressing them for such a long time I now use my emotions as a red flag for me to check in with myself. I’ve found myself focusing on a better me instead of trying to get everybody else to be better people.


For the first time in a long time I feel I am worthy of this!


My greatest change is that I am now in my Right Mind more than Ego and with that I am living a happier, healthier and much more fulfilling life.


The whole experience was a journey well-travelled, a truly soul searching journey.”


Danielle Stoner

“I feel relieved and I feel empowered...

“Creating New Outcomes….well that’s exactly what I wanted to do! I loved what I learnt and Sabine using Kinesiology (which fascinates me) during our sessions to support what we were working through made it truly amazing.


My biggest realisations were that I am not my Ego…It is PART of me yes, but I don’t have to let it BE me. I also learnt how to not use anything against myself in fact I realised that my life is perfect for me…it is actually the gateway to my spirituality.


I do not accept any longer what ego tells me about life and love. I will choose what I believe about love. Ego has always been frightened of love, connection and freedom. Not Marsha!!”

Marsha Datt

"It's given me the tools I need to be able to make the decisions that are best for me"...

"The shift after having participated in this program is enormous, seriously life changing. I am now armed with the right tools to overcome Ego and gain some relief in my thought processes.


I am now building new belief systems that are not based upon old beliefs which are not my truths! I am regaining the power that I once thought others took away from me which I now know was never the case.

All I needed to do was step up and do the work, look for the evidence and let my Right Mind guide the way. 

The most powerful thing that I have learnt? I have a never ending well of power that never goes down."

Jessika Hansford