Clarity Session

Image by Jackson David

90 min / $200

These one on one online sessions are designed to get you moving out of confusion, overwhelm or feelings of being stuck, through your current experience and ready to thrive. 

Together we will get the answers to these 3 empowering questions- 

What is here for me? 

Where is my power? 

What is my next step? 

Ready to shift? Ready to break patterns? Ready to change your perception of the situation/problem? 

Ready to find the gold? Ready to connect with the choices and the options open to you? 

Ready to clearly know the next step? 

Then let's get to work...

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Connection Walk


 2 hours | $250

This experience combines the best of all worlds...

You bring your overwhelm, confusion, whatever issue/s you may feel stuck on and need some guidance with. I will apply all of my knowledge and skills, connect you with nature, lead you through guided meditations with the elements and hold the space for you...

Nature will open up to you, you  will be connected with your own access to universal wisdom and together we will clear the way for deep and permanent change and the clarity and shift you have been looking for.

These walks are in Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia.

Connection Walks are only held in Spring and Autumn.

Wanting to take part and be kept informed on when one is next available? 

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