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Conscious Living

Meeting You Where You Are
& Helping You Get To
Where You Want To Be
Transform your inner world from one of
judgement and fear 
to support and love. 

Face the world with confidence, clarity & purpose and
see how easy it is to create a life that you are proud of. 
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At this point in your life you may well have…

the house, the career, the partner, the children, the job,

the handbag, even the shoes.


Whatever you thought would make you happy


And yet…

this isn’t how you thought life would feel

You’ve done the courses, worked with the practitioners,

vision boarded your little heart out,

because you so badly want to evolve


You’re doing all these things and are still left wondering…


“Why don’t I feel different? Why aren’t I getting anywhere?”


It’s not like you’re not smart and resourceful

You certainly know how to ‘cope!’

So why can’t you figure out what needs changing to make you feel better?

From Overwhelm To Peace...

"When I started working with Sabine I felt overwhelmed and I was in a large amount of debt. I felt frozen and fearful about my next step. 

Through Sabine's guidance I was able to see the lessons and how they benefited me. I was able to forgive myself and identify the fear that had been blocking me from moving forward. It was like a veil had been lifted. 

I am now debt free, happily married to a wonderful like-minded man and pursuing my passion. The true gift of my sessions has been inner peace and understanding my power."

Verena White

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I’m Sabine Jackson, 
Spiritual Coach - Kinesiologist - Writer

I’ll teach you how you can clearly make choices that’ll get you

the feelings you’ve been missing for so long.


I’ll help you translate your knowing into doing.


And I’ll give you the how behind letting go of fear, and show you how to choose love to break the patterns that have kept you trapped and overwhelmed.


You’ll receive answers, clarity and insights so you can create a life that feels more joyful, more connected and on track with who you are

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