Sabine has assisted me immensely in identifying and releasing blocks that were seated deeply in a fear of failure and the unknown. I’m experiencing exponential change and growth both personally and professionally and the joy and confidence I feel are immeasurable. I am forever grateful.



Sabine you are awesome you always make the world seem like an easier place to live in.

Louise - Business Owner

Melbourne Bayside

I just wanted to say thank you to Sabine for helping to squish my fear of public speaking. I recently did a talk in front of 100 plus people and whilst I was still nervous the difference was AMAZING!!



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I had never been to a Kinesiologist before and was immediately impressed with Sabine’s sympathetic and intuitive approach and her ability to help me see the big picture. She has helped me greatly as I continue to overcome long standing negative thought patterns which have persisted for much of my life. I’ve also been really impressed with her insight in suggesting books to read. I feel that I am at last on the right path towards better understanding myself and developing a more peaceful mind.

S.T. Vet


I am so thankful and grateful I met Sabine. Thank you for entering my life and showing me a way to live. Today (Father’s Day) is a testament of your dedication for the past 2 years. It’s nearly 3 years since my dad passed and I hated the big holidays and birthdays. Today I am able to smile and celebrate.


When I first began attending sessions with Sabine, I really had no concept of what Kinesiology is or how she would help me. I would now explain it as helping me to clear the way to follow the path of my choosing.

S.H Business Owner

City, State

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Sabine has helped me to clear emotional stress and focus on positive changes in my confidence and career. Both of which have flourished since we began working together. I always feel revived/energised after sessions as they give me the opportunity to really focus and clear my mind. I always leave Sabine’s with confidence that I will achieve my goals with minimal stress.


Freelance Photographer

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